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Blog Year of 2012: Giddiness from Success and Exhaustion

Me and my brochure, which is out after Christmas. Yay!

First of all, who am I?

I’m a molecular immunologist by profession, Russian by ethnic origin, and Londoner by residence.

This year, I co-authored three academic papers in my field. Also, I have read my first ever mini-course on molecular immunology for students at Imperial College, London. Yet on the grand scale of things, I’m a dust particle in the scientific universe.

I want to weigh more. I’m not ashamed to admit it (I’m only 70 kg).

There’s more to me than just science and doing experimental research, which is quite an introverted and serious activity. Wanna proof? Here’s my pranky science Facebook page:

It’s called Literally Shit Science 🙂

Surprised, appalled? Well, you should know what you are getting into by reading this blog.

I’m a cocktail of negative qualities. Only joking, there’re none apart from modesty and narcissism. By now you probably figured that I have a quirky and merry personality. So, I pour it all into my fiction.

This year I digitally released my two debut novellas in English (which are getting into print after Christmas) with great help from my best-in-the-world editor – Stephanie Dagg. What a massively great human being she is. And she’s organised a blog hop this post is part of, see for yourself below.

2012. What have I learned this year?

Being a jack-of-all-trades (in other words, taking one’s hobby professionally) is harder than I could  ever imagine.

It requires a strategy, a plan.

So, mental notes for 2013:  organization and planning. I need to finish two writing projects, keep improving my blog and social media pages. Prepare for the London Book fair. Start scouting for agents, organize public readings and book signings.

I didn’t start writing to add to my introvert side, so I need to be more social.

Therefore, creative socializing in the next year is a priority. I’m just back from a party organised by London Writers’ Cafe, exciting and buzzing and merry like Christmas.

And now the blog hop!!!! Yay!


Your brilliant thoughts


  • Larisa Biyuts

    “organization and planning” I always believed that there is no other way. Have you noticed how it’s hard to begin working after weekends? That’s why personally I have no weekends, with my one hand working on my new projects, and with my other hand doing all the online networking/promotion (having regard for my kitty, cooking and household, in general.) Nearly, like this. But it’s my individual case, meaning my late start in creative writing/literature, when I have to hasten my work if I want to do at least anything. Alas. However… All the best for the New Year! Lately, I heard the opinion that Britain is on the outskirts of Europe. Well that’s odd. I always believed that I live on the outskirts of Europe. In the middle of the way from Poland to Japan. So, the British people and I live on the opposite ends of Europe. But my timezone lets me meet the New Year earlier, anyway, so… Wishing you every success, in New Year!

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

      well, Larisa, I have no weekends too in terms of doing work, I just do a different kind of work during weekends, house work and writing 🙂 I’m not celebrating the New Year yet (therefore, the wishes will be coming later) – we still have to go through apocalypse (on the 21st), then Christmas, and then three blog posts after – I’ll greet everyone with the Happy New year :)))

  • Steve Bichard

    Wait till you reach 50, the pounds pile on except for a lucky few.

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

      I hope when I reach 50, I’ll be able to afford a personal nutritionist and a gym instructor :))

  • Suz Williams

    Wow you want to organise public readings and signings!!! How brave 🙂 Wishing you every success in 2013.
    Suz x

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

      thank you, Suz! I wish you great success in 2013 too. We all need to be brave , because we need to grow 🙂