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Moscow International Book Fair – Winds of Change


In addition to the Congress of Translators, I was fortunate to attend the 27th International Moscow Book Fair on the 3-7th of September 2014. There I participated in a panel discussing self-publishing revolution and its onset in Russia.

Russian book industry is lagging behind its American counterpart in terms of its infrastructure and general consumer’s habits, yet its gross value is impressive – over 2 billion dollars a year.… Read the rest

Best 100 Novels of the XXIst Century: Pt2 – Contemporary Russian Novels

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Last week, I blogged about the Afisha’s list of Best XXIst Century novels, now I’ll conclude that post with a summary of contemporary Russian books that ended up on that list. Some of these books or other books written by the shortlisted authors are available in translation in English and other languages and I’ll underline and hyperlink them to websites where you can download them.… Read the rest

The Science of Story-Telling: Eurovision and 50 Shades of Grey

Eurovision 2014 Winner, Conchita Wurst (via Ailura, Wikimedia Commons)

Most of my blog’s audience live outside Europe. So, you wouldn’t necessarily know that Eurovision is the biggest song competition and one of the most popular annual cultural events in Europe. Each year’s a contestant represent their country in Eurovision and the winner’s country hosts next year’s show.… Read the rest