Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Coffee and Cigarettes

I’m not a smoker but many writers are.  What do they think or talk about when they smoke? This is what my new song is about.



Your brilliant thoughts


  • George Polley

    This is nice Grisha. About smoking, yes, and also about addiction, denial and the struggle involved in deciding whether or not to give it up. Very well said and very well sung. My wife (Aiko)) listened it and likes it as much as I do.

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

      George, thank you for your kind response. I’m glad you and Aiko like the song.

      It is more about inexplicable mystery of life, dealing with an existential burden.

      “The mystery won’t change its mind, the fate is blind to tears.”

      Every writers thinks about existence too much, which often leads to heavy psychological consequences. Coffee and cigarettes is a little compensation, a way to cope.

      here’s the lyrics, they are not about a specific story but rather purposefully vague – a way to trigger thoughts and emotions in the listener based on his/her own imagination and experiences. In your case, you were thinking about struggling with addiction to smoking

      • George Polley

        Actually I was thinking about addiction in general, of which addiction to smoking is only one part (albeit a major one). (I was a cigar smoker until it hit me how absurd it is to pay $20-$25 for something I was going to set on fire; now I go into a tobacco shop’s humidor room, walk around sniffing the aroma, and leave. Much less expensive and much healthier.) 🙂

        • GrigoryRyzhakov

          it’s a good trick with cigars. Reminds me going to the cheese section of the food shop, I like the exquisite smell of cheeses :)) As for addictions, my most aweful is Internet :))