Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Fight the good fight and succeed

There is a common dislike of wannabes unless they are students paying for their education. But do you need to go and study at the university to become an inventor or a writer? Do you need to attend an arts school to become an actor or a musician? Do you need a formal education, so people around you acknowledge what you do (not a mere hobby) and don’t call you an amateur? The answer is yes, it’d be good if you do, but you don’t always have to. Here is the example.

a photo of Johnny Depp by Caroline Bonarde Ucci, via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors of our time (yes, I am Mr Stating the Obvious, kudos to me), but anyway, he dropped out of high school at the age of 15 (just like any other rebellious kid) to become a rock star. It didn’t turn out extremely well, so he started doing all sort of weird jobs like marketing pens. However, he found his luck when he married a make-up artist Lori. She introduced Depp to a young fellow called Nick Cage, who, in turn, suggested acting as a good career path for Depp. Some people may criticize Cage’s acting, but at least the guy “sort of” discovered Johnny Depp.

So what do we learn from the story? No formal education – a brilliant career. Why? A combination of an interesting, quirky personality  (nice for acting) and the good networking skills (needed to get a job). I know you are going to nickname me a “(bracket)man”. You see even though I have a PhD I’m still insufferable.

Does receiving a formal education guarantee you a career or success?

No. Nothing can guarantee you that, well almost nothing.

What does then? Passion and hard work.  And being nice to people. Obviously, also a smidgeon of self-belief, stamina and a good taste.  An ability to  laugh (at yourself), since the pressure sometimes could be too much to endure: it would break anything, but a humorous chap would just be flexed like rubber.

So don’t be broken by them saying you’ve no certificate to follow your passion, you‘re a self-taught wannabe and will stay like that. Their dreams are broken and their envy is ripe. Just remember – Johnny did it and so you can.

Don’t look back, unless it’s your memoirs. Their pressure is hard, but the harder is better: that’s the way coal turns into diamond to shine and dazzle and bring hope to people like you.

Follow your passion, ‘coz it‘s what makes you happy.

Learn and progress and deepen yourself.

Be friendly, help others to grow, stay together.

Live a full life, own it and share.


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