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Film of the Week: Oblivion – Figure Out Who You Are

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko as Jack and Julia in “Oblivion”

New York, the buzzing merry crowd and … her.

Should there be any recollections of them left at all after his memory has been erased?

Jack Harper is tortured by flashbacks of his past life. The Earth was attacked by aliens and humans escaped to Titan where they’ve established a new civilization. This is what he’s been told.  But when he finds a girl in a capsule in a spaceship wreck, who looks like someone in those flashbacks, he starts questioning everything.

Oblivion is purely a genre film. It’s a fun action with not much of a philosophical theme behind it. A light entertainment for sci-fi fans. I found its plot very well executed if not very original. Yes, we have seen something similar before in The Matrix and Total Recall. Yet this story somehow worked for me.  Maybe, this was because of the amazing camera work and visual effects organically implemented into the story. Maybe, it was all about solid efforts of the cast  –  Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough. Cruise is now fifty, yet he appears to have no signs of senescence or declining professionalism. A good match for his character.



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