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Guilty Pleasures – Good or Bad?

Last weekend I went to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where I ate this and other lovely cakes. Yummy!

Sometimes I want to stop. I get tired of all the multiple things that I try to handle at the same time and that are turning into chores.

It’s probably just the autumn avitaminosis, you may suggest.
I take enough vitamins. Can’t blame the rainy weather either, in London it rains generously regardless of the season.

Focus, I am told. Don’t spread yourself thin.

I’m already focused. But even focused tasks have sub-tasks, etc. The modern life is complicated and full of details constantly fighting for our attention.

That’s where a stress relief system steps in. And I’m not talking about laziness. I mean guilty pleasures, which can be a part of your procrastination cycle if let out of control.

Guilty pleasures can harm you when you absolutely can’t resist or postpone them. It’s a similar thing with a holiday. You plan it. So, plan you guilty pleasures! They’ll help you to relax and regain enthusiasm for mundane tasks. Maybe even give you creative ideas.

I’m a guy of many passions. I love science and that’s why I became a scientist. I like music, listening, singing, composing, discussing it. I like blogging and writing both fiction and non-fiction. And I read almost anything. I’m a terrible film junkie. I like collecting, socialising, traveling, going out and dancing. I’m like hundreds of millions other guys. Common interests. I don’t have a sophisticated hobby akin to collecting dinosaur poo or deep see diving. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I probably have the same guilty pleasures as you do like watching X factor and rom-coms. WHAT???? Yes, I prefer silly love stories to silly action films. So what?

May be that’s why guilty pleasures are mostly kept as an embarrassing secret.
But how can I have secrets if I’m on social media?
So, yes, I also often eat pizza, cakes, fast food. Yet I try not to let my guilty pleasures to take over my life. If I get fatter than I like it, I exercise it out in the gym and reduce my calories intake.
The thing about guilty pleasures is that they’re infinitely more pleasurable when enjoyed with moderation. So, mull over it, folks, while I’m making another cuppa and devouring a nugget of dark chocolate before hitting the pillow (it’s 1am as I write this). Chocolate stimulates creativity and, as I dream mostly sci-fi blockbusters, this won’t harm.

Of course you won’t tell me, but I’ll still ask: what are you guilty pleasures?

N.B. High calorie food and general sugar consumption before sleep is not recommended by doctors. Enjoy your guilties!


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