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Halloween: a Pumpkin That Has Gone Missing

The Nightmare Before Christmas, the beloved Halloween classic animation film by Tim Burton (click on the pic to watch the film on Amazon)

What are you planning for this Halloween? Getting sloshed and drown in the vomit? How devious of you.

Maybe you’ve been planning autodafe of vegetable puppets and grilling marshmallows on the open fire (for gastronomically orientated)?

Re-watching The Addams Family for the ump-teeth time while seeping the bloody-awful-Mary (for incurable cinephiles)?

Whatever you have been plotting while lurking behind the sofa, enjoy it!

If you are a reader looking for a  book for your ghostly night, I have some suggestions.

Vampiric fans who already read Twilight and Dracula thirteen times, could try classical vampiterature.

Admirers of Russian eerie culture may thoroughly enjoy Nikolai Gogol’s Viy.

Scary scifi and zombie-fans may find it delightful to read the old classic Frankenshtein story or a modern  mashed-up Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

And for someone who like scary but merry I have written an adventure novella called Pumpkin Day.

Imagine you drop a giant pumpkin from the roof of a skyscraper? What would happen? Citizens of a metropolis called Slown discovered the whole world under their feet, but  only one girl has guts to explore it and find out what lies beneath.

As a bonus the underground adventure alternates with a love story involving the same heroine. Are you keen to find out where did the pumpkin disappear? And how did the pumpkin story brought two hearts together?

If yes, Pumpkin Day is now available at all major e-book stores:

iTunes  Smashwords  Nook  Kindle

Finally, to get into proper Halloween mood you may listen to my new spooky song called Goes On. Boo!


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