Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Infinity and the Universe

Infinity Rally by David Gerstein, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the Universe?

If it still expands after the Big Bang  as we are told by astrophysicist then – where to? Have you ever considered than there might be just another Universe like ours inside the tiniest particle we have yet to discover, let’s name it cutely – gravittino. Maybe our big Universe is just a tiny particle of yet even bigger Universe? And so on. Who knows.

Here’s the video explaining some facts about limits in our Universe. But are they facts?

Does it make you sad, all this inexplicable mystery of the world? Rejoice, there will always be something left to discover for our descendants. The existential mystery, our irrational nature gives birth to art.

Art is like another Universe, there is no end to it as we evolve and the world around us changes.

Here’s one of my favorite songs called Infinity by the Russian singer-songwriter Zemfira. Sometimes it feels like the human soul is a Universe in itself.



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