Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Made in Bionia. The Planet in Danger


My next book, a sci-fi mystery called Made in Bionia, is at editing stage. I penned the first music theme to introduce you the starting event of the story – the ocean is poisoned and the sea life is dying as a result of a bioterrorist act. Who is responsible? And is a Bionian technology, Exo, a long-desired cure?

I intended this music piece to portray a menace. Something terrifying is coming, it’s time to face it…

In my next posts I intend to explore world’s emerging ecological problems as it’s an important theme in my upcoming book. Many of the nowadays economical activities could be viewed as ‘slow’ bioterrorism. Why do we prosecute swift acts against nature, but tend to turn a blind eye on slow poisoning of our planet?

Food for thought.


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