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I’m not dead. Yet.  Though I’ve been subjected to some degree of peril lately. I haven’t posted for a while, but it doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking. This month I’m attending two scientific conferences, also London Book Fair and I have deadlines to submit a couple of scientific grant proposals. A busy bee. Still, I decided to find time and meet another optional deadline.

I like wearing many hats, one of them is being a singer-songwriter. So, I have finally finished polishing my new music video Drama and I have submitted it to Raindance Film Festival that will take place this fall in London.

The Drama song mp3 is available here for free download, check out my other songs on Soundcloud. And enjoy the video.

My new novel, a romantic comedy called Mr Right and Mr Wrong, is now available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and at Smashwords. iTunes got it too.  Happy reading!

The Kindle Book Review‘s Joan Whiteley wrote a favorable review of it. More reviews to come out soon. If you liked Salmon Fishing In The Yemen and Bridget Jones’s Diary, you’ll probably be interested in this one too. If you’d like to receive a free a copy in exchange of an honest/unbiased review, please let me know.



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