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Sugar – Friend or Foe?

Chocolate sweets are rich in sugar and hard to resist. Why or why should all the tasty things be bad for you? ( a rhetorical question)

A metabolic currency or a dangerous drug?

Did you know that most of us are addicted to a drug that causes millions of unhappy and ruined lives? I’m not talking about television or Internet (not today), I’m talking about SUGAR.

Now you may think, of course, if you eat too much sugar you’ll get fat and get a diabetes too. So don’t. But the problem is more complex, because sugar consumption is addictive. You can’t just stop easily.

Below I give you links to articles and blogs on sugar’s harmful effects and some advice on how to resist the white death.

The maximum safe amount of added sugar is about 62 grams per day. That is the average of the Canadian FDA, British FDA, USDA, and the American Diabetes Association. Many people exceed that.

Excessive sugar consumption is linked to multiple diseases as you can find out from a paper in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Other studies show correlation between sugar consumption and depression and even asthma.

But don’t worry – there is a way out!

Ann Louise Gittleman explains What you can do to get the sugar out.

Another great resource revealing the truth about sugar is, particularly the section describing how to stop sugar addiction.

And finally a treat for lovers of the video format – Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Professor of Endocrinology Robert Lustig.

Live a healthy life, make sugar your friend not foe!

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  • Ebook Editor

    Oh dear, this is probably bad news for me. I don’t have a great deal of sugar but I do need a spoonful in my cup of tea, and life without chocolate would lose its meaning. OK, slight exaggeration I admit, but I do enjoy sweet treats. However, thank you for the advice and the interesting links and I’ll work on my self-control.

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

       Stephanie, I think it’s okay to consume sugar, just not excessively. The problem is that many people simply ignore the fact that they’re consuming way more energy than they can spend