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Guardians of the Galaxy, Frozen and Rise of the Weird


I’ve been telling everyone for months before releases of Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy that they’re going to become box office hits.

Okay, we can deconstruct their success now and say that these stories are well produced, have the right character arcs, story structure, plot progression, amazing attention to detail, but one thing I’ve spotted in them that makes spectators absolutely crazy about these flicks is the weird funny character.… Read the rest

Skyfall: the New Bond Film Verdict

Skyfall: the New Bond Film Verdict

This autumn the most fascinating thing is happening in North America. Yes, I’m talking about the Skyfall movie premiering in the cinemas, not the festivities linked to Obama’s victorious sequel term approval or the departure of Frankenstorm aptly named Sandy.

Being a resident of the foggy Albion, also known as Great Britain, I was priviliged to see Skyfall last week and am still bubbling with excitement like a  mighty furuncule with pus (sorry I couldn’t resist the atrocious metaphor).… Read the rest