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Rush: Are Victory and Fame Worth Risking Your Life?

a still image from the Rush motion picture (2013), starring Chris Hemsworth (as James Hunt) and Daniel Bruhl (as Niki Lauda)

New Ron Howard’s film Rush is about the fast and dangerous world of Formula One. Set in the 1970s Rush focuses on the competition between two racers – a reckless, fun-loving British playboy, James Hunt, and a hard-working yet socially inept Austrian driver, Niki Lauda.… Read the rest

Why Blockbusters Fall Flat. Wolverine and The Lone Ranger


if there is anything flat about Wolverine, it’s Hugh Jackman’s stomach (credit: 20th Centry Fox)

After the whole spring of commercially successful ‘bombasters’ like Man of Steel and Iron Man-3, we witnessed poor performance of several other high-budget blockbusters, among them Wolverine (the lowest grossing film in the X-men franchise so far) and The Lone Ranger, only partially rescued by audiences in non-US markets.… Read the rest