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Top 9 films to Watch b4 the End of Summer – Sneak Peek

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I need a break from existential thoughts, so this week I’m giving you a short overview of upcoming films I intend to watch in the next couple of months.

Brave (from June 22nd) Pixar returns with another piece of breath-taking animation. Brave is a story of a rebellious red-haired medieval Scottish princess who’s, like Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, a big fan of archery. Director and writer Mark Andrews also wrote John Carter released earlier this year. The music is by Patrick Doyle whose recent work in Thor received critical acclaim.

To Rome With Love (from June 22nd) Don’t you just love the way Woody Allen makes travel guides to European capitals? After playing around with London in Matchpoint, Scoop and others, we were moved to Catalonia and introduced to a threesome affair in Vicky Christina Barcelona, shown a bohemian Montmartre in Midnight in Paris and are now in Rome as this year’s treat. It’s the 70th film by the four-times Oscar winning maestro Allen! As always, we are spoiled with a star-packed cast of Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Ornella Muti, Greta Gerwig, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page and Woody himself. Don’t even hesitate to see this one in the cinema unless you’ve got a clinical allenophobia.

People Like Us (from June 29th) A man inherits a fortune and discovers he has a sister he’s never met before. A feel-good film and the cast rock too: Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeifer.

The Amazing Spider Man (from July 3rd) I’m dying to see this one just for one reason: to compare if it’s better or not than its predecessor. Andrew Garfield has taken the lead in this one and he looks the part as judged from the trailer. Emma Stone plays his love interest, which should be fun considering her lovely performance in The Help and Easy A. I’m also intrigued with a choice of the director, Mark Web: he has done only one feature before – 500 Days of Summer. The music is in solid hands of James Horner, the Avatar and Apocalypto composer. Let’s see how Spidey will be dealing with his archenemy Lizard 🙂

Ice Age-4 (from July 13th) Okay, Scrat the prehistoric acorn-obsessed and world-famous squirrel keeps messing with tectonics causing a continental drift. Considering the low interest of the film audiences in the ancient geology, the filmmakers decided to give a story The Pirates of the Caribbean flavor. Let us be the judge whether it was a good move. I’m going to go to see this just for the sake of following Scrat’s permanent nervous breakdown.

The Dark Knight Rises (from July 20th)

Only through self-denial and sacrifice the good stands a chance to win.

This is by far the most anticipated film of 2012. I must say I totally disagree with labeling Batman as a dark knight (who does not?). He’s done more than he could to stay morally impeccable. So does it matter if he is perceived as dark in someone else’s eyes? The director Christopher Nolan obviously thinks life wasn’t tough enough for Batman, so he comes up with even darker and grittier plot this time. He knows when it comes to storytelling – conflict rules! This time Batman, now – a city’s enemy, faces a relentless terrorist Bane. Tom Hardy vs Christian Bale – that’s what I call boxing.

War of the Buttons (from July 20th) If you are into French cinema and the WWII theme you may be interested in this film about a merciless play war between two gangs of village kids in Nazi-occupied France. It is written and directed by Christophe Barratier who also gave us The Chorus, which speaks for itself.

The Bourne Legacy  (from August 3rd) By now everyone is tired of waiting for the new James Bond movie. So Jason Bourne decided to fill up the void once again. Jeremy Renner accepts the baton from Matt Damon in the franchise’s gripping relay. Ed Norton and Rachel Weisz co-star in it. The film is written and directed by Tony Gilroy who penned the previous installments of the series, so we expect no less suspense from this one too. As always, the truth has never been buried so deep. Boo!

Cosmopolis (from August 17th) It has already been released in cinemas in the UK and I’ve enjoyed seeing this highly original parable. It’s based on a Don DeLillo novel. It’s a story of a young billionaire (the best role of Robert Pattinson so far), traveling across Manhattan in his stretch limo, where he meets with his staff, lovers, friends, wife and, once outside the car, – his killer. The director David Cronenberg’s attention to detail, sophisticated and poetic dialogue and beautiful cameos, including my favorite from Samantha Morton, make the film a proper cinematic treat. The film received mixed reviews but I think it’s worth watching it to have your own opinion. Besides, how often do you go to see a film, which blows up your mind with controversial thoughts?

See you in the cinema.

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  • Steph J Dagg

    Thanks for the tips. I don’t know how many of these will make it to Boussac’s tiny cinema though …

    • GrigoryRyzhakov

       well, something will be shown I’m sure :))