Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Thanks for Sharing. Addiction

A still from Thanks For Sharing motion picture

If you have ever been addicted to anything – alcohol, smoking, internet, you name it, you might be interested in a new film called Thanks for Sharing.

The film is focused on sex addiction. In the beginning, it looks too funny until one of the characters, a hairdresser played by a pop star Pink, admits that it became so bad for her, she just wanted to kill herself.

The issue with sex addiction is not that people have too much sex, but that they completely lose control over their sexual instinct, which harms other things in their lives, including their jobs.

The film depicts a sobriety group and shows how bonding of people who are/were going through similar things can help them to overcome their addiction.

Addictions have underlying psychological causes – inability to follow one’s dreams, unbearable stresses, lack of love or friends, personal tragedy or even just low self-esteem. By sharing their inner worlds, their problems, people feel less lonely, better understood and, most importantly, needed by someone. This kind of support does wonders to self-esteem and will power. You can only become a better person and overcome your inner demons, if there is enough motivation, so every little helps.

We often criticise people with addictions, yet all they need is a bit of our attention, love and support. Thanks for Sharing is a feel good film reminding us about that.


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