Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

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A new species of animals and a cunning conspiracy – digging out secrets is Agie’s job description.
Finding her new love may be a bonus.

Agie is a M->F transgender scientist who tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of a giant pumpkin into a cavern beneath Slown City. This adventure leads her to make unexpected discoveries, including a mysterious subterranean animal, and puts her life in danger.

Meanwhile, a lonely, well-to-do man called Jake has to choose between courage and prejudice to pursue his love interest.

A lost notebook brings the two lives together.


5stars“The story of the giant pumpkin is fantastic! Sometimes you find an author whose work makes you want to slow down and enjoy every word, and then tell your friends about them.” Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite


N.B. If you haven’t read the part 1 yet –  Usher Syndrome (Becoming Agie 1) – it’s available for FREE direct download in every digital format here.