Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Mr Right For Kurt & My Other Experiments-NEW!!!


Mr Right for Kurt & My Other Experiments is a sequel to ‘Mr Right & Mr Wrong’. Both books are social satire and a light-hearted comedy about a modern day young female scientist. The book contains occasional use of strong language.


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Having found her Prince Charming in handsome DJ Blake, Chloe makes herself busy with her new project – finding Mr Right for her housemate, Kurt. Things get a little tricky when Chloe discovers a dating app for gay men, Grindr. Hilarity ensues!

Meanwhile, the spring is claiming London and Chloe is starting her Master’s project on bioremediation of soils at the Department of Plant Science, Imperial College, where she meets her new colleagues – sassy Zofia and a flirty hipster called Andy who, by the way, has a secret and glamorous alter ego.
After a visit of the BBC TV crew to the institute, Chloe becomes a celebrity on Twitter. But the glory invites disasters over a cup of tea. Gay matchmaking isn’t Chloe’s forte, so what? At least, Blake is receiving all the publicity for his upcoming album. Parties, gigs and piss-ups continue to be Chloe’s life along with the added bonus of inhumane hours in the lab. Little does she know the country’s top TV show is about to invite her for a chat. Surprises await.