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Ta dah! The new book is out now!

IMG_3282I know I’ve been away for a long time, but I haven’t been idle. Several years ago, I made a promise to my friends to write at least one story a year, and so far I’ve kept it. Here’s my latest book.

It’s a sequel to my romantic comedy, Mr Right & Mr Wrong. This time I’ve explored Chloe’s life as a Master’s student. The book is as much about life in the lab, as it is about modern relationships between young Londoners with all the usual comedy gags included.

What you can expect: ‘some fresh blood’ joining the old cast of characters, cutting edge plant science, LGBT themes such as Grindr dating and the drag culture. I’ve spiced it all up with chat shows and theatre of the absurd. And music! I’ve written a song called Petal that is featured in the novel, you may listen to it or download it here.

Chloe is, of course, at the heart of the story.  She’s a workaholic, she’s loyal to her friends, yet her methods aren’t necessarily subtle. Chloe’s got an outstanding ability to summon trouble out of thin air. And yet this is the very thing that shoots her boyfriend to stardom. Okay, I’m not giving away the rest 🙂

Mr Right for Kurt & My Other Experiments is now live on Amazon Kindle.




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