Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

and the winner is…

Today I’m announcing the outcome of the Prize Draw 2015, several readers posted their reviews on Amazon and I’ve picked a winner.

I’ve documented the process on video – my first attempt at vlogging. Enjoy!

I’ve contacted the winner, here’s an excerpt from her beautiful review:

I laughed out loud on so many occasions and felt the need to read excerpts out to whichever lucky person was sitting in the room with me!  Chloe is an instantly likeable character, living the single life and not necessarily looking for love when, like the number 9 bus, two men come along at once.  She can’t decide between the two so she dates both of them, and whilst I don’t condone this I can understand the confusion on the dating scene.  She’s ultimately looking to settle down with someone, she is 22…er…25…er actually 28 after all.  So professional, respectable Terrence seems like a good choice over fun, flirty Blake.  Will Terrence turn out to be Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?  That’s what I was asking myself throughout the book, so I had to keep reading into the early hours to find out!



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