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Zwinger: The Art Thriller. Interview with Elena Kostioukovitch

Elena Kostioukovich -

Elena Kostioukovitch (photo by Alex Pivovarov)

Today I’m having a conversation with Elena Kostioukovich, a literary agent, visiting professor at several Italian universities, author and translator of Umberto Eco novels to Russian.


Elena, first of all, congratulations on the Italian translation of your novel Zwinger, which is titled Sette Notti (Seven Nights) in Italian.… Read the rest

My Book Adventures: Spring 2015


London Book Fair 2015, Olympia Exhibition Centre

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve taken a break from blogging, yet I wasn’t seeping port and watching talent shows while lying on a hammock under a leafy palm. In April, aside from scientific adventures, I’ve published a new book, attended London Book Fair, then the Russian Prize awards ceremony in Moscow, flew across eight time zones in Russia back and forth, and translated my debut novel, Mr Right and Wrong, into Russian.… Read the rest

Literature as a medicine for our stagnation

Books on the power-line by Katja Ullrich (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

One may ask why reading as a past-time is still essential now.

As a society, we don’t question the importance of reading as a tool of personal development, of building a view of the world and understanding of science, culture and ethics.… Read the rest