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Zwinger: The Art Thriller. Interview with Elena Kostioukovitch

Elena Kostioukovich -

Elena Kostioukovitch (photo by Alex Pivovarov)

Today I’m having a conversation with Elena Kostioukovich, a literary agent, visiting professor at several Italian universities, author and translator of Umberto Eco novels to Russian.


Elena, first of all, congratulations on the Italian translation of your novel Zwinger, which is titled Sette Notti (Seven Nights) in Italian.… Read the rest

Films of the week: Tzar and J Edgar – monsters or great men?

Still of Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar – Photo by Keith Bernstein – © 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

*********J Edgar ( 2011, dir. Clint Eastwood)
I’ll start with Hoover. It’s a fantastic film and I disagree with critics’ opinion that the film doesn’t really reveal Hoover’s character or that it doesn’t explore enough Hoover’s motives and personal demons.… Read the rest