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Film of the Week: Enough Said. Learning Acceptance

Building a new relationship can be hard, it can even be harder to do it after the first marriage. Enough Said is a new Hollywood drama offering its take on this matter.
Two divorcees meet and like each other. What could go wrong? I guess often there’s this problem – the fear of the second failing relationship.
Eva is a fit 40-plus divorced woman with an adult daughter and she works as a masseuse.  One day she comes to the party and there she meets Albert, a middle aged balding and bearded guy with a considerable belly. The two strike up a relationship, though when first introduced at the party  they told each other didn’t fancy anyone there. Eva tells to her friend that Albert is not your typical handsome man, yet there’s something about Albert that attracted her. I guess that was their matching personalities.
Then the crack happens. Eva is influenced by a friend’s opinion and starts seeing small negative qualities of Albert. She criticizes him increasingly. In a plot twist, which I won’t reveal to avoid spoilers, tension spikes and damages their relationship. Would Eva be wise enough to understand that nobody is perfect, would she be able to see her own not so gracious behavior?
We often forget that everyone is different and we cannot just change others to suit our liking. If we want to be accepted by people, we need to learn how to accept others first. For Eva it was a lesson to learn.
In my opinion, if she didn’t like Albert’s certain qualities that much, she shouldn’t have messed with his heart at all. Luckily for her, Albert knows much more about acceptance and … forgiveness.
I think the moral of the story is that often by giving someone a chance, you also give it to yourself. And in love matters it’s important to follow your heart and not to rely on somebody else’s opinion too much,  because nobody knows you better than you do.


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