Grigory Ryzhakov – Russian Writer

Serenity and Empty Mind

Sometimes life becomes too much to take and the mind and feelings need unclogging. When this happens I turn to nature to find solace and energy to renew myself. My job has moved from London to Oxford recently, so I finally had an opportunity to visit Oxford University Botanical Garden.IMG_20130808_173513
Now it’s the best time to be there. The garden is in full blossom, the flower carpet dazzles with its brightness. The trees are dressed in thick foliage.The glass houses have many exotic plants blooming too. A forest cactus Hylocereus bears several yellow half-open flowers, massive like street lamps. IMG_20130808_172411

The water lilies proudly reveal their exquisite flowers… IMG_20130808_171229

Observing all this splendour I just smile at this nature’s wisdom of just living in full, blooming in full, wisdom that we people often forget. Our lives are composed of worries, overthinking, unnecessary details – in this technological era, smartphones and Facebook, we need to empty our minds, just to be here and appreciate life.

Nature gave us the biggest talent and the biggest curse – intelligence, ability to think, to reason, to communicate with each other using language. We can’t live our lives by instinct anymore. Yet sometimes we can just pretend to be that flower in the garden, oblivious to the mystery of the Universe.



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