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Wisdom of the Writerdom: Great Endings, Tips from Comedy and Writing resolutions

This week I’ve been writing a grant proposal and editing manuscripts at work. I have also finished composing and recording my new song called Drama and posted it on Soundcloud.  If you like a non-chart music from emerging musicians, you can find a lot of it there. Great for writers too, as a source of inspiration and a place to deposit your podcasts.

It was also the first week for this blog, and I have been trying to post something meaningful so far (you judge on the result). And before I can finally enjoy this beautiful Sunday and go for a walk in the park, I shall give you some links to juicy blogs I dug out recently.

KM Weiland never stops delivering the best advice: this time she blogs on how the text length affects my tongue twister lol the readability and can aid to create a great ending for your novel.

Leigh Anne Jasheway posts on lessons from Comedy: what can help to invigorate your writing.

A dear friend of mine once said that she loves imperfection in people. Is she alone in that? Lynda R. Young blogs on flawed characters.

Do you find the plot is boring you sometimes? Do you have a similar problem with your novel? Note that you may fix it by getting the foreshadowing right; something you can do even at the editing stage. Sarah A. Hoyt discusses the matter.

Charlotte Morganti discusses writing resolutions. What are yours for this year?

And now it’s time to play! Yay! Wallace Yovetich suggests a game.

And as always keep reading posts in the streams like  #amwriting or #writetip on Twitter to learn more and make new friends. Not on Twitter yet? Big mistake!  (kidding)



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